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6979MALTESE FALCON, THE*MALTESE FALCON, THE*1941b & w100 minlaserdisc (Written and directed by John Huston, based on the novel by Dashiell Hammett, with Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Gladys George, Peter Lorre, Barton Maclane, Lee Patrick, Sydney Greenstreet) Humphrey Bogart stars as Sam Spade, the ultimate private eye, in Dashiell Hammett s mystery classic. When his associate, Miles Archer, is killed on a routine assignment, Spade begins his investigation which turns up some of the most eccentric and devious characters ever put on screen. They all want the same thing: the Maltese Falcon, a priceless, bejeweled statue that brings death wherever it goes. (Funded by the Friends of Comparative Literature) (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)