Deadly Deception: General Electric, Nuclear Weapons & Our Environment

  • 1991 ----- color ----- 29 min ----- vhs///
  • Exposes the terrifying human and environmental cost of GE?s nuclear weapons development. At highly secret facilities like Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory in upstate New York, GE workers have been poisoned by radiation and asbestos. Downwind of the Hanford, Washington nuclear bomb plant, on a stretch of road known as "Death Mile," 27 of 28 families have suffered deadly cancers or birth defects. While GE managed the Hanford plant, GE knowingly released extensive amounts of radiation into the air and water. Depicts the GE Boycott Campaign, a grass-roots movement calling on GE to get out the the nuclear weapons business. (Academy Award 1991, Best Documentary Short)
  • Topics: (Environmental Studies, Industry, Motion Pictures: Documentary, Pacific Northwest, Public Health and Safety, War and Peace, Atomic Energy)