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7028COLD COMFORT FARM*COLD COMFORT FARM*1995color105 minvhs (Directed by John Schlesinger; with Kate Beckinsale, Joanna Lumley, Rufus Sewell, Ian McKellen, Stephen Fry and Eileen Atkins) Based on the 1930's English satire by Stella Gibbons, recently orphaned, Flora Poste, a London society girl (Ms. Beckinsale), ignores the sage(?) advise of her mentor in society, Mrs. Smiley (Ms. Lumley of "Ab-Fab" fame), and moves to the country to live on a decrepit farm of her eccentric relatives. Fancying herself a writer, Flora encounters perfect material for her novel in the odd collection of characters. In her own inimitable way, Flora insists on creating order out of the chaos of her cousins' lives. From "seeing something wicked in the wood shed" to "a rising star on the cinematic firmament", Ms. Poste "arranges" the country lives and then flies off to her own life. (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)