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7042Canada on "The Firing Line", Part 2CANADA ON THE FIRING LINE, PART 2*1991color112 minvhs Segments: 1. How Much Is Hydropower Worth? (28 min) Matthew Coon Come, Grand Chief of the Crees of Quebec and business consultant Marcel Cot, discuss Hydro Quebec?s James Bay Project and other enviornmental issues with William F. Buckley. 2. Do Women Have It Better in Canada? (28 min) Chaviva Hosek, former cabinet minister in the Ontario Government and National Action Committee on the Status of Women president and Marguerite DesLauries, Professor of Philosophy at McGill University in Montreal discuss feminism with William F. Buckley. 3. Ontario Premier Bob Rae (28 min) In less than a decade, Ontario-Canada's wealthiest province--has gone from 40 plus years of Conservative rule to electing the socialist New Democratic Party, with only one term of the middle-of-the-road Liberal Party in between the two extremes. William F. Buckley and Ontario's NDP Premier Bob Rae discuss social policy issues such as health care and the market economy. 4. The Free Trade Agreement (28 min) Mel Hurtig, Canadian author and noted free trade opponent discusses the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the U.S. with William F. Buckley. Related topics include the Canadian dollar, comparative unemployment rates, and the role of big business and the banking industry in encouraging foreign investment in Canada. (Donated by the Department of Canadian Studies) (Restricted to use by institutions of learning within the State of Washington only)