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7045Christmas Gift, A*CHRISTMAS GIFT, A*1980color59 minvhs A collection of Canadian animation shorts for the holiday season. Segments: 1. The Great Toy Story (7 min) When Santa is ambushed by a dastardly trio of bushwhackers, a real live Western hero accidentally comes to the rescue. 2. The Story of Christmas (8 min) Retold with medieval manuscript figures and embellished by trumpet sounds, light, and wildflowers telling their message of rebirth. 3. The Sweater (10 min) Roch Carrier?s much-loved story of what happens when a young Montreal Canadiens fan receives a Toronto Maple Leaf?s hockey sweater by mistake. 4. December Lights (3 min) A charming folk interpretation of the first Christmas. 5. The Energy Carol (11 min) Ebenezer Scrooge, president of Zeus Energy co. Ltd., is visited by the spirits of energy past, present and future and discovers, to his horror, that energy is not limitless. 6. An Old Box (9 min) While the townspeople celebrate Christmas, a derelict old man is taken on a spiritual journey in an old box he rescues from garbage collectors. 7. The Magic Flute (8 min) An abandoned flute creates beauty and magic until it falls into the wrong hands. 8. Christmas Cracker (8 min) What better decoration for the tree top than a star plucked from the heavens? But first you need a space ship. (Donated by the Department of Canadian Studies) (Restricted to use by institutions of learning within the State of Washington only)