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7048National Film Board of Canada's Animation Festival, The*NATIONAL FILM BOARD OF CANADA'S ANIMATION FESTIVAL, THE*1992color87 minvhs Segments: 1. Every Dog?s Guide to the Playground (11 min) Wally the Safety Dog instructs his master in the rules of playground safety. 2. Ottawa ?90 Signal Films (3 min) Includes five short films presented at the Ottawa ?90 Animation Festival. 3. The Balgonie Birdman (9 min) In Balgonie. Saskatchewan, while others slept, Bill Gibson built a flying machine. 4. Canada Vignette: Para Sight (1 min) An active organism leaps and quivers. 5. Jours de Plaine (6 min) The drawings of Real Berard harmonize with the lyrical vision of Daniel Lavoie. 6. Two Sisters (10 min) The arrival of a stranger disturbs the solitude of two sisters. 7. The Irises (4 min) The auction of the painting by Vincent Van Gogh. 8. A classic moment from George and Rosemary (1 min) Two golden-agers prove that passion is not exclusively for the young. 9. Strings (10 min) A portrait of two strangers linked by adjoining apartments. 10. A classic moment from The Big Snit (2 min) A game of scrabble is played out as the world comes to an end. 11. The Lump (8 min) When a man develops a lump on top of his head, he buttons his shirt over his face in this parody on the qualities that lead to popularity and power. 12. A classic moment from the Juke-Bar (2 min) The territorial struggle between a greasy spoon and its habitués. 13. The Apprentice (9 min) An old fool teaches his young apprentice about the consequences of taking the wrong road. 14. A classic moment from Get a Job (2 min) The tribulations of cartoon character Bob Dog as he hunts for a job. 15. Blackfly (5 min) A breakneck romp based on the song of the same title. 16. A classic moment from The Cat Came Back (2 min) Old Mr. Johnson tries to rid himself of a cat that just won?t stay away. (Donated by the Department of Canadian Studies) (Restricted to use by institutions of learning within the State of Washington only)