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7068Oriane*ORIANE*1985color87 minvhs (Written and directed by Fina Torres; with Doris Wells, Daniela Silverio, Philippe Rouleau, David Crotto) This important historical milestone in Latin American cinema is a gorgeous and lush romance/mystery which flows like a poem with a taut and touching story of remembrance of things past. Marie returns to her Aunt Oriane's rundown house in the Venezuelan jungle where she spent summers as a child. The house brings back memories as she sorts through old cupboards and comes upon a special jewelry box that's filled with pictures, love letters and mementos from her Aunt's life. The film dissolves into a flashback about and emotionally turbulent summer that marie spent at the house when her adolescent sexual curiosity led to a surprising encounter. [Letterboxed] (In Spanish with English subtitles) (Restricted to classroom use only)