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7075Food Machine, TheFOOD MACHINE, THE1995color25 minvhs (Body Atlas, The series, Part 6) The food we eat turns into us. But the process is far from simple. Digestion begins in the mouth, as teeth--the hardest substance in the body--tear and grind up food. The stomach takes over, with a chemical attack that breaks down more of the foodstuffs. It has a special lining that prevents the acid from digesting the stomach itself. The food is here between two and six hours, churning away without our noticing. Meanwhile, the kidneys are keeping a check on the water in our bodies. Each contains a million tiny filters, and all the blood in the body passes through them every five minutes. As the food passes from the stomach to the small intestine, bile attacks the fats and other ingredients tht have survived so far. Microscopic cilia start to absorb the nutrients, and they are carried to the body's chemical factory, the liver, to be processed into the substances we need for energy or to build up our bodies. (A study guide is available upon request)