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7083Beyond the Ring of FireBEYOND THE RING OF FIRE1996color56 minvhs (Ring of Fire series, Part 5) Lawrence Blair, whose ten-year odyssey through Indonesia with his brother, Lorne, resulted in the classic Ring of Fire series, sails again, eight years later, on a retrospective voyage to many of the islands first visited and others never previously filmed. After the tragic death of Lorne, he takes thirty firends aboard an expeditionary vessel--from the Asmat swamps of West New guinea, gradually westwards, via the 'shark killer' nomadic seafarers, islands of giant bats, hidden reefs with seven-foot Moray eels and deadly, banded sea snakes., the volcanic Spice Islands, the megalithic cultures of Timor and Tanimbar--on an adventure through nature, tribal civilizations and transformational experience, ranging from our distant past up to the present day in Bali.