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7130COMPANIONS: TALES FROM THE CLOSET (VANINNOR--BERATTELSER FRAN GARBEROBEN)COMPANIONS: TALES FROM THE CLOSET (VANINNOR--BERATTELSER FRAN GARBEROBEN)1996color53 minvhs In this documentary about lesbian love, five elderly Swedish women, ages sixty to seventy-five, discuss their lives during a period when homosexuality was considered a perversion. In a poignant and often humorous manner, they talk about budding love and first relationships with women as well as the forced secrecy and loneliness, tracing their personal development from self-loathing and forbidden love to a hard-won sense of emotional liberation and social openness. Their touching stories of the life-long search for belonging, love and acceptance is blended with archival materials and slice-of-life footage to provide insights into a generation of women whose fight for liberation led to the formation of the Daughters Bilitis, Ellen, and the Stonewall rebellion. [Funded, in part, by the Department of Scandinavian Languages and Literature] (In Swedish with English subtitles)