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7132ASHIK KERIB*ASHIK KERIB*1988color75 minvhs (Directed by Sergei Paradjanov, screenplay by Georgi Badridze based on themes by Mikhail Lermontov; with Yuri Goyan, Veronika Metonidze, Levan Natroshvili) In recounting Lermontov's fable of a wandering minstrel, trying to earn enough money to marry the girl he loves, Paradjanov dispenses with conventional storytelling devices in order to present a boldly unique cinematic experience. Glorious tableaux, exquisitely composed, choreographed and photographed, are combined with intertitles, images of early Russian artwork and a haunting blend of traditional and contemporary musical forms, all of which combine to form an enthralling and utterly unique cinematic experience. The parallels between the minstrel in exile and Paradjanov's own 15-year imprisonment and escape give added power to art's ability to transcend the misfortunes of the artists. [Donated by the Department of Slavic Languages and Literature] (In Georgian with English subtitles) (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)