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7147STALEMATESTALEMATE1996color56 minvhs (Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century, The series, Part 2) The military believed that technical advances in weaponry would make for a quick outcome on the battlefield. How then did modern weaponry bring about a deadly stalemate? How was a war that most believed would be over by Christmas transformed into a gigantic and unprecedented war of attrition? From the beginning the war was out of hand, and new styles of warfare were producing new kinds of horror and unprecedented levels of suffering and death. To escape from machine guns and artillery, soldiers dug into the ground to survive--and soon a line of trenches stretched along the war's Western Front from the Swiss Alps to the English Channel. Traces the misery and ingenuity of life in the trenches, and ends with the extraordinary Christmas Eve Truce that had been called "the last twitch of the 19th Century." (Closed-Captioned)