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7148TOTAL WARTOTAL WAR1996color56 minvhs (Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century, The series, Part 3) By 1915, the conflict had spread across boundaries between continents and peoples, becoming a global war--a fact grimly confirmed by the unlikely battles between Turks and Australians on the Turkish cliffs of Gallipoli. Chronicles the lives of very different people: a young British woman who endured the deaths of all the young men in her life; a West African soldier who went to France to prove himself a warrior; a plucky Australian who thought he was headed for France, but ended up in Turkey; the citizens of London who huddled in shelters as they were bombed from the sky; and the brave English women who traded their domestic lives for jobs in weapons factories. Concludes with the telling of the first genocide of the 20th Century--the ultimate form of total war against civilians--and the fact that the mass murder of Armenian civilians planted seeds in the mind of a young German soldier: Adolf Hitler. (Closed-Captioned)