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7153WAR WITHOUT ENDWAR WITHOUT END1996color56 minvhs (Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century, The series, Part 8) Broken hopes, broken families, broken lives. The world at the end of World War I was full of these. Explores the aftermath of the war and the failed peace. For the "lost generation" it spawned, the war became a war without end, one that continued through missing limbs, mutilated faces and shaking bodies. The question that haunted civilians throughout Europe was why so many of their husbands, sons and brothers had to die? Writers and other artists tried to create an answer, and millions searched for hopes and messages from departed loved ones through Spiritualism. In Germany, the sense of betrayal and dishonor prompted some Germans to seek revenge. The man who rose up to lead them was Adolf Hitler. (Closed-Captioned)