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7177KISS ME DEADLY*KISS ME DEADLY*1955b & w106 minvhs (Directed by Robert Aldrich, screenplay by A. I. Bezzerides based on the novel by Mickey Spilliane; with Ralph Meeker, Albert Dekker, Paul Stewart, Maxine Cooper, Gaby Rodgers) One dark night, sleazy private eye Mike Hammer picks up a girl on the highway, wearing only a trenchcoat. Soon his car is run off the road; while he's semiconscious, the girl is tortured to death. Telling the police nothing, Hammer pursues the killers himself despite threats, bribes, and bombs. He encounters strange clues, a stranger young lady and, at last, an extremely deadly secret. This film was years ahead of its time, a major influence on French New Wave directors and one of Aldrich's best films. Missing for nearly half a century, the original ending--containing over one minute of crucial footage that clarifies decades of false interpretations--has been found and is featured in this edition. In order to illustrate the vastly different impressions left by each version, the altered/shortened ending is included as well. (Includes original theatrical trailer) [Funded by the Department of Comparative Literature] (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)