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7187LATE SPRING* (BANSHUN)LATE SPRING* (BANSHUN)1949b & w107 minvhs (Directed by Yasujiro Ozu, screenplay by Kogo Noda, Yasujiro Ozu based on the story by Kazuo Hirotsu; with Hohi Aoki, Setsuko Hara, Chishu Ryu) Considered "the most Japanese of Japanese directors", Yasujiro Ozu has become recognized as one of the world's truly great filmmakers. His family dramas (shomin-geki) often have similar plots (usually concerned with marriage and parents losing their children) and use the same actors playing the same roles (in his greatest films: the serene Chishu Ryu as the father and the blissful Setsuko Hara as the daughter) and they were filmed with an increasingly (as his career progressed) non-moving camera, positioned usually three feet form the ground. This simplicity and purity, coupled with Ozu's extraordinary sensitivity to the minutest reverberations of human feeling has an effect which has often been described as Zen-like. Considered by many his most perfect film, Ozu tells a story of filial devotion and a parent's sacrifice. Chishu Ryu is a widower who lives contentedly with his unmarried daughter. Realizing she'll never leave him, he tells her he's planning to marry again, forcing her to break away and find a life of her own. (Funded by the Department of Comparative Literature) (In Japanese with English subtitles) (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)