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7227ARTLINK: A MUSEUM-SCHOOL PARTNERSHIPARTLINK: A MUSEUM-SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP1998color27 minvhs The Artlink program at the Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, is a partnership between the museum and four Seattle-area schools, all with populations of at-risk students from a variety of socio-economic situations. The program is predicted on the knowledge that children who have regular contact with the arts are more capable and confident readers, writers and users of math, they earn higher grades and stay in school at higher rates. Artlink provides an in-depth art curriculum that integrates the study of art across the disciplines and teaches critical thinking skills. The program resides in the school for three years, and works with the same children from one grade throughout the three-year period. It provides multiple visits to the classroom and the museum, and uses the museum's exhibitions and collections as the basis for its curricular themes. (Donated through the generosity of the Henry Art Gallery)