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7230MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, A* (1935)MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, A* (1935)1935b/w143 minvhs (Directed by Max Reinhardt and William Dieterle, screenplay by Charles Kenyon and Mary C. McCall, Jr. based on the play by William Shakespeare; music by Felix Mendelssohn, arranged by Erich Wolfgang Korngold; ballet staged by Bronislava Nijinska and Nini Theilade; with James Cagney, Dick Powell, Joe E. Brown, Jean Muir, Hugh Herbert, Frank McHugh, Victor Jory, Olivia de havilland, Anita Louise and Mickey Rooney as Puck) In 1935, Max Reinhardt, the great German impresario, stunned Hollywood with the premiere of this Shakespeare classic--one of the most lavish and expensive made in its time. The story follows the trail of two pairs of young lovers who take refuge in the forest to escape the wrath of the Duke of Athens. There, their lives are intertwined with a group of amateur actors and a wonderful collection of supernatural creatures of the night, whose own romantic problems make for great mischief. This most complete version of this timeless classic yet released includes even the overture and the exit music! To say that this production is stunning is an understatement. But is it great Shakespeare? Who cares! (Restricted to classroom use only)