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7237TRISTAN UND ISOLDETRISTAN UND ISOLDE1998color44 minvhs (Inside Opera with Perry Lorenzo) Perry Lorenzo, Seattle Opera Education Director, explores the life of Richard Wagner and how he amplified and romanticized his personal life in all of his operatic endeavors, most especially in Tristan und Isolde. Parallels are drawn between Wagner's love affairs and the sensual fulfillment of the "Liebestod"--how complete freedom from the constraints of society may only be possible through death. It is a theme which runs throughout Wagner's work from Der Fliegende Hollaender through Parsifal. Scenes from the Seattle Opera's production of Der Ring des Nibelungen are used to illustrate ideas through music. Musical quotes from the opera and paintings, illustrations, etc. from the Romantic period show how Wagner could have conceived the "reality" of Tristan und Isolde. This is the first in a projected series of educational programs from the Seattle Opera. [Donated through the generosity of Seattle Opera; Speight Jenkins, General Director]