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7289RAIN* (UA)RAIN* (UA)1932b & w93 min16mm (Directed by Lewis Milestone, screenplay by Maxwell Anderson adapted from the play by John Colton based on the story "Miss Thompson" by w. Somerset Maugham; with Joan Crawford, Walter Huston, Beulah Bondi, William Gargan, Guy Kibbee, Matt Moore) Joan Crawford is the most unnuanced actress imaginable, and her interpretation of Miss Sadie Thompson has absolutely no delicacy. Yet this time her desperate earnestness is fixating. With all the emotion she pours on, and her flashing eyes and twisted-scar mouth and strained voice, she's so totally affected that the affectation begins to seem natural. Her vitality is undeniable. As the Sanctimonious Reverend Davidson (Hollywood's archetypal lustful hypocrite), Walter Huston has some startlingly shrewd moments, but the production is stilted and claustrophobic.--Pauline Kael (Deposited by the generosity of Intermediate School District 110) (Restricted to use by institutions of learning within the State of Washington only)