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7295TRAFFIC IN SOULS*TRAFFIC IN SOULS*1913b & w88 minvhs (Directed by George Loane Tucker, screenplay by Walter MacNamara based on a story by George Loane Tucker; with Jane Gail, Matt Moore, Ethel Grandin, William Welsh, Howard Crampton, William Turner, Arthur Hunter, Laura Huntley) A popular sensation in its day, this controversial film was the first and best-know of the "White Slavery films", a genre that purported to expose the horrors of forced prostitution while simultaneously exploiting the images of women being terrorizes and manhandled. Police Officer Burke leads an investigation and subsequent raid on a brothel where his fiancee's pretty younger sister is being held prisoner. Director Tucker skillfully tours viewers through this "true crime" melodrama that culminates in a violent shoot-out as the police rescue the girls from their persecutors. (With a musical soundtrack) [Funded by the Department of Comparative Literature] (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)