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7316CANADA (A PASSPORT TRAVEL GUIDE)*CANADA (A PASSPORT TRAVEL GUIDE)*1991color80 minvhs Host Gunther Less offers four Canadian segments from his travel guide "Journey to Adventure". Montreal: A City with Heart (20 min) Fresh, vibrant and bilingual, celebrate the joys that make up the cosmopolitan city of Montreal--from the St. Lawrence River to the many festivals and Fetes, to outdoor art displays and engaging street musicians, to a relaxing sip of coffee at a café. There is even a side-trip to Quebec City. Toronto: There's a Whole World to See (20 min) Clean, young-at-heart and loaded with attractive sights, enticing sounds and an incredible variety of activities to please one and all. A city whose magical skyline and impressive new architectures rates second to none. Alberta: In All Her Majesty (20 min) Glacial mountains majestic and soaring; beautiful lakes peaceful and serene, reflecting the mountains above. Here, where the animals roam free, the beauty of the land is guaranteed to soothe your soul and the friendliness of the people will warm your heart, high in the dramatic landscape that is the Canadian Rockies. Saskatchewan: Canada's Favourite Hideaway (20 min) Steel away to the hills, the prairies, the parks, the lakes, the wide-open spaces and all the little surprises that are Saskatchewan. (Donated by the Department of Canadian Studies) (Restricted to use by institutions of learning within the State of Washington only)