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7404CHESAPEAKE: THE TWILIGHT ESTUARYCHESAPEAKE: THE TWILIGHT ESTUARYndcolor40 minvhs Beneath the surface of the Chesapeake Bay, in a twilight world where shafts of light barely pierce the water, a blanket of seagrasses once flourished. The grassbeds harbored spawning fish and soft-shelled crabs, a nursery ground, a hiding place. Then the grasses began going, along with the Chesapeake's great harvests of striped bass, shad and oysters. What was killing the grasses? And what were the dying grasses trying to tell us about the fate of the Chesapeake Bay, the nation's richest estuary? As this production tries to find the answers to these and other questions, it reminds everyone why it is so important to restore the Chesapeake and the way of life that once flourished in all its small towns and backwaters. (Donated by Laura Newell, Biological Anthropology)