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7412NATURALLY CLEVER*NATURALLY CLEVER*1997color50 minvhs (Animal Intelligence series, Part 1) (Produced by BBC-TV) What is intelligence? A chimp using a tool to crack a nut? A macaque that's learned to wash its food? Or a weaverbird building its nest? Honey bees can tell each other where to find food. Is this intelligence or is it just instinct? Something is going on inside animal minds, but will we ever understand them? Observes the differences between instinct and intelligence and shows how to tell them apart. Shows how learning can improve instinct and how tool using is important to survival. Includes footage of dolphin learning experiments. (Donated by the Dolphins in Depth Program, The Living Seas, EPCOT, Walt Disney World) (A study guide on the program is available upon request) (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)