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7413TALKING SENSE*TALKING SENSE*1997color49 minvhs (Animal Intelligence series, Part 2) (Produced by BBC-TV) People have always wanted to talk to animals to discover what's inside their minds but will we ever understand what they're saying? Getting your message across and understanding others--that's communication. Shows how a variety of animals use call, colors, songs, scent, plumage, display to communicate with one another. But intelligent animals go beyond their own kind; they can also talk to strangers. Includes footage of vervet monkeys species specific alarm calls, honeybee location dances, Koko and Washoe and the dolpin communication experiments at Epcot. (Donated by the Dolphins in Depth Program, The Living Seas, EPCOT, Walt Disney World) (A study guide on the program is available upon request) (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)