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7488SHAKESPEARE'S GLOBESHAKESPEARE'S GLOBE1997color48 minvhs (Produced by the BBC) Noted actor and director, Sam Wanamaker had a life-long dream: to rebuild the Globe Theatre on the Southbank of the Thames in London--the theatre for which William Shakespeare wrote most of his plays. This replica is almost exact in every detail (apart from adhering to Twentieth Century fire/safety regulations) to the construction of the original. The audience watch and feel a play in the same way as they would have done in Shakespeare's time. Follows the physical construction of the theatre together with the production of the first two plays to be presented, Henry V and The Winter's Tale. Shows the rehearsals in progress as the building is completing its final stages. Includes the opening of the theatre with the Queen in attendance. From the making of the 6,000 wooden dowels used to hold the theatre together to the placement of the two pillars holding up the stagehouse this is a history of the recreation of history. It is ironical that Sam Wanamaker passed away four years before the theatre opened.