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7493COLD COMFORT FARM, PART 2: THE WOODSHED*COLD COMFORT FARM, PART 2: THE WOODSHED*1968color45 minvhs Amos' fire and brimstone sends Flora to seek solace briefly in a tea shop where she encounters and subdues Mr. Mybug, a London acquaintance. Back at the farm, she meets Seth and discovers what, besides sex ("A woman drains a man. . ."), inspires him. Volatile cousin Rubin slowly warms to Flora's planned farm management shake-up ("You want me to . . .") and even Big Business gets a breath of fresh air. Educating the otherworldly Elfine is Flora's next task, undertaken in anticipation of a fateful celebration for wealthy young Dick Hawk Monitor's birthday. Aunt Ada Doom (who saw something naaaasty in the woodshed) has gotten wind of Flora's efforts, makes a rare appearance downstairs just as the revelers are returning triumphant from the ball. (Restricted to classroom use only)