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7515KILLING COYOTEKILLING COYOTE2000color82 minvhs The human hordes are still at it, roaming the last of the Big Open with their guns and traps and poisons, trying to wipe out yet another of their fellow creatures--coyote. Framed by the Calcutta, a coyote-killing contest held in Rawlins, Wyoming, the film ranges through the blandly demonic endeavors of the federal Wildlife Services agency, the problems with dryland livestock production and the slowly evolving relationship of humanity to the rest of Creation. The hunters' wind-burned, beer-drinking vitality contrasts so sharply with the practiced, institutionalized smoothness of the animal-rights advocates that it is hard to decide for whom to root. Less difficult is determining whom to root against. Doug Hawes-Davis and his crew are the first journalists to film the research facilities of Wildlife Services and interview the veterinarians and exterminators who devote their lives to destroying coyotes. Yet everyone interviewed agrees that there has been no reduction in coyote numbers despite over a century of taxpayer-funded persecution.