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7516TANGO*TANGO*1998color115 mindvd (Written and directed by Carlos Saura; Miguel Ángel Solá, Cecilia Narova, Mía Maestro, Carlos Rivarola, Juan Carlos Copes, Sandra Ballesteros, Enrique Pinti, Julio Bocca, Juan Lius Galiardo) In Buenos Aires, Argentina, film director Mario Suarez is on a quest to make the ultimate tango film. Lonely after his wife (one of the film's stars) has left him, Mario must find the themes that will hold the film together, while simultaneously permitting his musicians and dancers the freedom of expression that is necessary to satisfy the tango-hungry Argentine audience. Things become complicated when Mario falls in love with Elena, a beautiful and talented young dancer who is the girlfriend of the powerful and dangerous Angelo Larroca, an investor in the picture. And Mario's creative vision is challenged by his investors when he plans a scene that recreates Argentina's dark years of political suppression and "disappearances". [Letterboxed] [Menu selections include: choice of English, French, Spanish subtitles; making of featurette, trailers] (In Spanish with English subtitles) (Restricted to classroom use only)