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7532FIVE SPECIESFIVE SPECIES1997color53 minvhs (Primate series) Three species of monkeys (the veret, the blue monkey and the black and white colobus) and two apes (common chimpanzees and eastern lowland gorillas) living in their natural habitat in Africa are compared. Includes nuances of behavior and social interaction are not usually included in more commercial productions. Many sequences are long enough to allow the observer to watch behavior unfold between animals and learn what kinds of details to look for in live observation. The same types of behavior are recorded for each species (as much as possible) to permit comparisons to be drawn between diet and foraging patterns, infant care, locomotion and predator defense mechanisms. Provides a condensed view of the life of several species thus emphasizing the variability and the adaptive nature of primates rather than focusing on the details of one form. Particular areas of interest are the inclusion of the rarely filmed blue monkey, black and white colobus and eastern lowland gorilla, as well as the division of a monkey carcass by the chimpanzees and the interactions between humans and blue monkeys in a park in Nairobi.