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7542WAY DOWN EAST (RESTORED EDITION)*WAY DOWN EAST (RESTORED EDITION)*1920color146 mindvd (Directed by D. W. Griffith, screenplay by D. W. Griffith, based on the play by Joseph R. Grismer and Lottie Blair Parker; with Lillian Gish, Richard Barthelmess, Lowell Sherman, Burr McIntosh, Josephine Bernard, Mrs. David Landau, Mrs. Morgan Belmont, Kate Bruce, Mary Hay, Creighton Hale) The plot is Victorian, but the treatment is inspired. D.W. Griffith took a creaking, dated stage melodrama and turned it into a melodramatic epic. Lillian Gish is the girl betrayed by Lowell Sherman and eventually rescued from an icy river by Richard Barthelmess. Audiences giggle at bits here and there, but not at the sequence in which she refuses to part from her dead baby. Griffith stole from Thomas Hardy, but he stole beautifully. One of Griffith's greatest box-office successes, and a film that influenced several Russian epics.--Pauline Kael (Tinted print with the original musical score by Louis Slivers performed by a full orchestra and recorded on Vitaphone discs in 1928) (Restricted to classroom use only)