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7543ARSENAL (RESTORED EDITION)*ARSENAL (RESTORED EDITION)*1928b & w75 minvhs (Directed and written by Alexander Dovzhenko; with Semyon Savshenko, G. Kharkov, Amvrosi Buchma) Perhaps the avant-garde masterpiece of the renowned Ukrainian director, Alexander Dovzhenko, Arsenal employs the most complex montage style of any of the Soviet masters in this treatment of events from the Ukrainian civil war. Based on an actual incident from 1918, the story concerns a group of Bolsheviks who battle against counter-revolutionary nationalist troops in Kiev. The Bolsheviks put up an Alamo-like defense inside the city's "Arsenal" munitions plant. Outnumbered by the nationalist troops, the defenders are overrun and defeated in the climactic battle, but their revolutionary spirit prevails. Dovzhenko presents harsh, realistic scenes of Czarist brutality and war's destruction, but his juxtapositions of the Russian workers and peasants are both impressionistic and symbolic. (English intertitles, with a musical soundtrack) (Restricted to classroom use only)