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7547STRIKE (STACHKA) (RESTORED EDITION)*STRIKE (STACHKA) (RESTORED EDITION)*1925b & w94 mindvd (Directed by Sergei Eisenstein, photographed by Eduard Tisse and Vasili Khvatov) Eisenstein's first film and, like many first films, is a bravura display of dazzling technique. Eisenstein experiments boldly with every conceivable kind of montage (parallel editing, overlapping to expand time, intercutting of symbolic images, etc.) It deals with an incident, prior to the 1917 Revolution, in which the suicide of a worker unjustly accused of theft triggers a strike in a factory. In spite of the nobility of their cause and the solidarity of their struggle, the workers can get social justice only through total revolution. (English titles with a new music soundtrack composed and performed by the Alloy Orchestra) (Menu items include audio commentary by Yuri Tsivian, Professor at the University of Chicago) (Restricted to classroom use only)