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7550C.B.C.-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: 2000/10CBC-TV NEWS IN REVIEW: OCTOBER 2000*2000color59 minvhs Segments: 1. Pierre Trudeau: Captivating a Nation (18 min) Whether patriating the constitution, enacting the Charter of Rights, promoting bilingualism or nurturing a greater sense of Canadian identity, Pierre Trudeau changed Canada dramatically. And he did so in his own unique way, with dash, flair and excitement. Sixteen years after leaving office, Trudeau, in death, again captivated the entire nation. 2. Health Care: A New National Program (17 min) The recent First Ministers meeting in Ottawa was the venue for a renewed commitment to health care in Canada following years of budget cuts, what some would call political neglect of the system, and widespread concern among those served by the system. 3. Domestic Violence: Deadly Rage (12 min) Recently, a number of disturbing and high profile incidents of domestic violence which have included stalking, battering, and murder committed by spouses, partners, and former lovers--in some cases multiple murders of entire families--have shocked Canadians. Looks at the causes of domestic abuse, its prevalence and programs designed to prevent it from occurring. 4. Children in War: Victims and Aggressors (12 min) A special report, edited by Executive Producer Arnold Amber portrays the lives of three children--all victims of civil war in their native Sierra Leone. Their painful experiences are the focus for examining the escalation of the use of children as soldiers in war and their victimization. Also looks at the initiatives and efforts of the Canadian government to convince the international community to prohibit the use of child soldiers and to put in place international agreements and practices that would protect children especially from the violence of civil war. (Closed-Captioned) (Extensive study guide available upon request) (Donated by the Department of Canadian Studies) (Restricted to use by institutions of learning within the State of Washington only)