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7585SAN FRANCISCO: CITY OF SILVER & GOLD/THE ROMANTIC PALACES OF VENICESAN FRANCISCO: CITY OF SILVER & GOLD/THE ROMANTIC PALACES OF VENICE1997color44 minvhs (Grand Tour: Legendary Resorts of the World series, Part 4) The Gold Rush turned San Francisco from a sleepy fishing village into a thriving city, symbolized by the glass ceilings and high-society guests of the Palace Hotel. But after the great earthquake, a new standard was established by the Fairmont, which brought the rich and powerful from around the world to the City by the Bay.
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  • It is only fitting that Europe's most enchanting city boasts some of the world's premier hotels. Visit the classic Gritti Palace Hotel, originally built as a Doge's palace in the 1500s, and the splendid Excelsior, which has hosted royalty and luminaries such as Winston Churchill since its gala opening in 1907. (Donated by W. A. Douglas Jackson, Canadian Studies)