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7587ADIRONDACK CAMPSADIRONDACK CAMPS1995color45 minvhs (Grand Tour: America's Castles series, Part 3) They were the wilderness retreats of America's wealthiest families, sprawling log palaces hidden within 9,000 square miles of rugged peaks, deep valleys and pure mountain lakes. For those who vacationed in these spectacular compounds, "roughing it" meant plush railway cars, private bowling alleys and legions of servants. Explore the grand Adirondack camps. Meet the visionary railroad heir William West Durant, whose ruggedly elegant "Pine Knot" sparked a taste for rustic style among the "Newport Crowd" and gave birth to a uniquely American architecture. Visit J.P. Morgan's "Camp Uncas", where the fireplace is large enough to waltz in. And get a coveted invitation to spend Christmas at the Vanderbilt's grand "Sagamore", a sportsman's paradise that was more technologically advanced than many New York City townhouses. It's an exclusive tour of the most remarkable private lodges ever built. (Donated by W. A. Douglas Jackson, Canadian Studies)