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7590GRAND PLANTATIONSGRAND PLANTATIONS1995color45 minvhs (Grand Tour: America's Castles series, Part 4) From New Orleans to Natchez, along the great Mississippi River, enormous fortunes were made from cotton and cane, and southern planters built majestic castles to celebrate their nobility, wealth and power. Takes you on an exclusive tour of the great antebellum mansions of the Old South. Go inside John Hampden Randolph's 64-room "Nottaway", set on a 7,000 acre sugar plantation, and visit the exquisite "Rosalie", built by Peter Little for his 13-year-old bride. Meet the colorful Irish immigrant Frederick Stanton. He became one of the richest men in America and built the five-story "Stanton Hall" to prove it. And what tour of Natchez would be complete without a look at Dr. Haller Nutt's "Longwood", the 100-foot tall octagonal wonder they call "Nutt's Folly"? It's a once-in-a-lifetime grand tour of the Old South's spectacular palaces. (Donated by W. A. Douglas Jackson, Canadian Studies)