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7591HUDSON RIVER VALLEY ESTATESHUDSON RIVER VALLEY ESTATES1995color45 minvhs (Grand Tour: America's Castles series, Part 5) For the turn-of-the-century captains of Wall Street the majestic Hudson Valley provided an ideal getaway from the chaos of New York City. Just an hour or two from town, the valley offered tranquillity, natural beauty, and plenty of elbowroom for their sprawling country estates. Presents an extraordinary tour of the "valley of the millionaires." Get a rare look at financier John Jay Gould's Gothic castle "Lyndhurst", with its turrets, gables and two-story tall stained glass windows. Meet Gould's archrival Frederick Vanderbilt, whose 50,000 square foot mansion was the area's most lavish. And get unprecedented access to "Kykuit", the stunning estate of John D. Rockefeller, then the wealthiest man in the world. (Donated by W. A. Douglas Jackson, Canadian Studies)