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7593JAMES C. CHRISTENSEN: SIX BIRD HUNTERS IN FULL CAMOUFLAGEJAMES C. CHRISTENSEN: SIX BIRD HUNTERS IN FULL CAMOUFLAGE1993color15 minvhs (One Stop on a Journey Through the Art of Fantasy) With the artist as your guide, you are invited to journey through a world of possibilities, from James C. Christensen's teachings as a professor of art at Brigham Young University to his wildly inventive and entertaining explorations of the reaches of the "inner eye," the imagination within us all. Along the way, you will glimpse images from fantasy art through the ages and learn how Christensen has been influenced by the masters. "There is a land a little left of reality. It's not a location; it's a thought." It's a p[lace where curiosity and imagination are all you need to find adventure. In this land, rules are never taken too seriously, and credible illusions--real things in a non-real place--are common occurrences for all to enjoy. (Donated by the Department of Canadian Studies)