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7595CHILDREN OF NOISY VILLAGE, THE*CHILDREN OF NOISY VILLAGE, THE*1986color86 minvhs (Directed by Lasse Hallstrom, screenplay by Astrid Lingren based on her book; with Linda Bergstrom, Anna Sahlin, Ellen Demerus, Harald Lombro, Henrik Larsson, Crispin Dickson-Wendenius, Tove Edfeldt) The book The Children of Noisy Village appeared in 1947, two years after Astrid Lindgren had forever changed children's literature with the radical Pippi Longstocking character. The film describes how a group of children spend summer vacation in their southern Swedish village in the 1930s. While exploring nature and playing they also help their parents with chores. In fact, the chores are the entertainment and fun: they travel with horse and cart to the mill with grain to get flour, they run across wetlands to get to the shoemaker or make long walks for errands to the country store. Midsummer celebration and the traditional August crayfish party are festive highlights that frame their vacation. (Dubbed in English) [Letterboxed] (Funded by the Center for West European Studies) (Restricted to classroom use only)