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7597STREET GIRLS* (PIGERNE PA HALMTORVET)STREET GIRLS* (PIGERNE PA HALMTORVET)1992color56 minvhs (Produced by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation) Life is not easy on Halmtorvet Square in Copenhagen--police harassment, "boyfriends," welfare, drugs, HIV and AIDS. In actual fact, life on the streets in Scandinavia isn't the stereotype Americans have been mistakenly led to believe; it's much the same as it is here. The girls are physically assaulted, sometimes brutally; cheated out of their meager "wages" by their customers and their boyfriends; hounded by the police who attack them as well. In the only refuge they have, a shelter run by nuns, they reveal how they manage to get through. But even here, where they are protected from vicious boyfriends, they can't deny the depth of despair which infects them, as some of the girls lash out in anger and frustration. A derogative Danish word has even been coined to describe them: narkoluder, prostitutes who do drugs. And yet the girls are just like the pigeons in Halmtorvet Square--easy prey for destruction [Closed-Captioned]. (Funded, in part, by the Department of Scandinavian Languages and Literature) (In Danish with English subtitles) (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)