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7598AMERICAN DREAM*AMERICAN DREAM*1990color98 minvhs (Directed by Barbara Kopple) This Oscar-winning documentary rendering of a crippling strike at a Minnesota meat-packing plant may look dated, but the underlying theme of individuals crushed by big business remains all too timely. In 1984, the Hormel company saw a profit of $29 million. That same year the company offered it's Austin, Minnesota meatpackers a salary cut from $10.69 to $8.25 an hour and a 30% cut in basic benefits. The strike which followed pitted worker against management, worker against worker and even brother against brother. Using a briskly engrossing combination of first-person interviews, news broadcasts, and fly-on-the-wall encounters, Kopple creates an indelible document of a community's dissolution at the hands of larger forces.. (Restricted to classroom use only)