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7617HARVEST OF FEARHARVEST OF FEAR2001color115 minvhs (Frontline series) (Nova series) Are genetically modified foods a vital scientific breakthrough that will help to end world hunger and reduce global pollution, or are they "Frankenfoods" that will ruin health and provoke environmental disaster? Through genetic modification -- GM -- biotech scientists have unprecedented power to manipulate the genetic code. Critics fear toxic or allergenic effects, or that genes from engineered plants will spread, overwhelming old species and creating new strains of uncontrollable "superweeds" and "superbugs." In contrast, genetic engineers claim their work is safe and more predictable than traditional plant breeding because they are manipulating only one or two specific genes and they can easily test effects. Moreover, the implications for global health are staggering, they argue. As violent demonstrations erupt in Europe and as scientists, industry and environmental activists heat up the debate in the United States, NOVA and FRONTLINE present the first in-depth TV investigation of the perils and potential of this powerful new technology (Closed-Captioned).