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7618LION IN WINTER, THE*LION IN WINTER, THE*1968color134 mindvd (Directed by Anthony Harvey, screenplay by James Goldman based on his play; with Peter O'Toole, Katharine Hepburn, Anthony Hopkins, John Castle, Nigel Terry, Timothy Dalton, Jane Merrow) Christmas 1183--an aging and conniving King Henry II plans a reunion where he hopes to name his successor. He summons his scheming but imprisoned wife, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine; his mistress, Princess Alais, whom he wishes to marry; his three sons (Richard, Geoffrey and John), all of whom desire the throne; and the young but crafty King Philip of France (who just happens to be Alais' brother) to join him for the holidays. With the fate of Henry's empire at stake, everybody engages in their very own particular brand of deception and treachery to stake their claim. Just another fun holiday with the kids! [Letterboxed] (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)