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7628GOOD WOMAN OF BANGKOK, THE*GOOD WOMAN OF BANGKOK, THE*1991color82 minvhs (A documentary fiction film written and directed by Dennis O'Rourke with Yaowalak Chonchanakun as Aoi) With the end of his marriage, 43-year-old filmmaker Dennis O'Rourke is trying to understand how love can be simultaneously banal and profound. He comes to Bangkok, the fantasy mecca of exotic sex and love without pain for Western men. When he meets a Thai prostitute he decides to make a film about her. The "Good Woman" of the story is Aoi. In Thai, her name means "sugar cane" or "sweet"--not her real name, but the one she uses. She works as a prostitute, catering to the male tourists who crowd the girlie bars of Patpong. Starting from this worst-possible condition their relationship is recorded. With a sadness almost too painful to watch, her dedication to her family made graphically real by comments from her Aunt, Aoi loses her hope and her identity in the nights of Bangkok. (With English subtitles) (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)