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7632WALKING WITH DINOSAURS*WALKING WITH DINOSAURS*1999color230 mindvd Using the latest scientific findings, this BBC production examines the 155 million year history of these great creatures, from the aggressive Coelophysis, who first learned to hunt in packs, to Tyrannosaurs Rex, the most terrifying carnivore on the planet. State-of-the-art digital effects and animatronics combine to form living, breathing images that put the viewer in a virtual lost world.
  • Chapter 1: New Blood When dinosaurs first appeared, our planet was still recovering from a mass extinction in which 90% of all plant and animal species died out. Several land reptiles battled to survive and establish themselves.
  • Chapter 2: Time of the Titans Size does matter. Though earlier species were generally three to ten feet long (and mostly tail), the Jurassic period saw the birth of the largest and hardiest dinosaurs that ever roamed the earth.
  • Chapter 3: Cruel Sea While huge dinosaurs made their prey tremble with fear on land, large marine reptiles, many of which vaguely resembled modern-day water species such as dolphins and crocodiles, ruled the seas.
  • Chapter 4: Giant of the Skies The largest living creatures ever known to fly were the pterosaurs, whose featherless wings were often longer than those of a small airplane, yet their bones were hollow--accounting for very low body weight.
  • Chapter 5: Spirits of the Ice Forest In a time when thick forests covered Antarctica, the sun would set for two months at a time. Even the strongest creatures had to survive the harsh elements of fierce polar winters.
  • Chapter 6: Death of a Dynasty Dinosaurs seem as vigorous as ever, but there are hidden pressures in the environment--and perhaps a giant meteor on the way--which ultimately cause the demise of these magnificent creatures. Includes The Making of. . . Documentary. [Letterboxed] (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)