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7641COOLIES, SAILORS, SETTLERSCOOLIES, SAILORS, SETTLERS1999color65 minvhs (Ancestors in the Americas series, Part 1) (A "documemoir" by Loni Ding) Most people think of Asians as recent immigrants to the Americas, but the first Asians--Filipino sailors--settled in the bayous of Louisiana a decade before the Revolutionary War. Asians have been an integral part of American history since that time. Explores how and why people from the Philippines, China and India first arrived on the shores of North and South America. It portrays their survival amid harsh conditions, their re-migrations and, finally, their permanent settlement in the New World. Travels across oceans and centuries of time to trace the globally interlocking story of East and West--from a village in Guangdon Province and Spanish military barracks in Manila to a Chinese cemetery in Havana and the Peabody Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, where early Asian imports are on display. The dramatic voice and presence of the Asian Everyman narrator represents the Asian perspective throughout, capturing the first-person perspective of those who experienced this history.