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7643BLUE ENDBLUE END2000color85 minvhs (A film by Kaspar Kasics) Joseph Paul Jernigan was 39 years old when he was executed in Huntsville, Texas, in 1993. Ten minutes after the lethal injection he was handed over to scientists Dr. Victor Spitzer and Dr. Michael Ackermann, transported to Denver, frozen in blue gelatin and, over a period of four months, planed off, millimeter-by millimeter, and photographed. When Jernigan was convicted no one, including Jernigan, had foreseen that he would be reborn on the Internet as the "visible man": the first completely digitized human being, a third millennium prototype of human anatomy. This worldwide, digitally distributed Visible Human Project is the result of a unique interaction between justice and science, between family destiny and American career planning, and between the helplessness of the individual and the power of scientific ambition.