MIDAlpha TitleTitleYearColor/BWRunning TimeFormatsAbstractTopics
7655MOUNTAIN IN THE SEA/FILMING SECRETSMOUNTAIN IN THE SEA/FILMING SECRETS1997color26 minvhs (Secrets of the Ocean Realm series, Part 5) Travels to Cocos, a tiny island 300 miles off the West coast of Costa Rica that is refuge to an astounding concentration of large migratory marine animals. Includes never-before-seen sequences of hammerhead sharks being cleaned by butterflyfish and the mating dance of a school of 100 giant marbled rays.
  • 1997 ----- color ----- 30 min
  • Profiles Howard hall Productions, one of the world's foremost underwater film crews. Sophisticated navy-designed underwater rebreathers enable the crew to film incredible images of marine life without the disturbance of underwater bubbles. Specialized equipment is used to film whales, dolphins, sharks, and many other creatures. The crew also recounts their successes and the humorous mishaps they experienced while filming the series (Closed-Captioned).