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7666JUDY BERLIN*JUDY BERLIN*2000b & w91 mindvd (Written and Directed by Eric Mendelsohn; with Barbara Barrie, Bob dishy, Edie Falco, Carlin Glynn, Aaron Harnick, Bette Henritze, Madeline Kahn, Julie Kavner, Anne Meara, Novella Neslon) A lingering solar eclipse casts a strange spell on a dead-end New jersey town and unleashes hidden passions, frustrated dreams and lonely yearnings in this quirky, bittersweet portrait of small-town life. Despite the bleak sky, Judy bursts with excitement as she plans to escape to Hollywood and become a star. When she accidentally runs into David, a former high school crush, now a world-weary failed filmmaker, sparks fly between the mismatched pair. Meanwhile, the ongoing eclipse appears to crack the smooth surface of the town including an age-obsessed, alienated housewife, a holier-than-thou high school teacher and the principal shell-shocked by life. [Letterboxed] (Restricted to use on University of Washington campuses only)